Common Questions

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No, the beauty of is that we make bitcoin mining simple. With our service there is no need for software or specialist hardware. We manage all that for you.
You can find Ghash per share value of dividing the asset Ghash by the asset's shares. The cost of shares may vary depending on the assets to which they belong.
Mining will commence on delivery of the machine. Delivery date indicated next to the assets. If the asset has status 'running' - it means that you will be involved in the mining immediately after the purchase of shares.
You’ll need to purchase selected number of shares, setup Bitcoin Wallet ID in your account and get dividends every distribution time. That’s it!
Mined bitcoins are distributed according to terms of services.
Each physical asset mines independent of the others with each asset being an independent worker with mining pool proceeds being distributed to a wallet address unique for the mining asset. When the distribution date is reached the amount of BTC sent to that wallet address since the last distribution is summed. Then 15% of the sum is subtracting as a operating fee for the expenses described in terms of service and the remaining 85% is then divided among the shares of the asset. The dividend proceeds of unsold running asset shares are kept by